Marketing for Education

Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions

The education industry is getting more and more competitive. No matter whether you are an international university, a small college, or a language school, online you are probably competing with other local institutions and major international players. The advances in online education make competition even harder. Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, Khan Academy, and Lynda offer low-cost, high-quality education available for everyone with an internet connection. Even Ivy League giants like MIT and Harvard are now beginning to offer many of their courses online and for free.

Clearly, the education industry is going through a major shift that affects all institutions. It is likely that with the advance of online education, only the best and most innovative will survive. To make it, among other things, your institution needs to invest in improvements of the teaching programs, better facilities, developing online courses, a beautiful and functional website, and most importantly, a solid online presence.

At Conversion Century we have experience in managing large campaigns for international education institutions. With part of our team coming from leading American university admissions and enrollment offices, we have a deep understanding of the industry and all challenges facing your institution.

Custom Digital Marketing Solutions

Your institution is unique and it deserves a unique digital marketing approach. We start by getting to know you, your staff, teachers, and students. We take this very seriously, as understanding your institutional culture will be the core of our online marketing strategy. We then work closely with your team to analyze your marketing/admissions funnel and locate possible areas of improvement.

Going down your funnel, your prospects require more and more personal communication with your staff. Therefore, we focus our custom strategy on helping you widen the funnel by getting more prospective students and inquiries at the top. By doing this, we effectively boost the number of students who enroll, as higher numbers at the top of the funnel often means higher numbers at the bottom.