Marketing for Startups

Digital Marketing for Startups

By definition, startups face extreme uncertainty and risk. You and your team are likely operating in an environment of constant changes, challenges, and unknowns. To improve your chances for success you need to efficiently analyze your environment, understand your prospective customers, test hypotheses and concepts, and promote your products/services. When done right, digital marketing can be a powerful tool allowing you to do all that and much more.

As a startup, you may need to invest most of your limited resources into product development. Even if you have the cash, putting together an effective marketing team internally takes a lot of efforts, leadership expertise, and most importantly, time. Finding a professional marketing agency for a partner, can therefore help you achieve more faster, and can allow your management team to focus on what they do best, creating a disruptive product/service.   

Custom Strategy to Increase Traffic & Conversions

Our solutions for startups are both custom and flexible. We start by learning everything about your industry and the products or services you offer. We analyze your target customers, determining their possible pain points and interests, as well as your business objectives.

We look closely at what you know and what you do not know i.e., which are your base hypotheses and assumptions. All this helps us form a custom strategy that we can execute for you, or collaborate with your team to combine their industry expertise with our technical knowledge.

Here is an overview of the typical education institution marketing/admissions funnel and the services our custom strategy can incorporate: